He doesn’t smoke pot, and he picked us up!?

I look forward to the day when the default assumption is that somebody who does something kind and out-of-the-ordinary must be motivated by the love of Jesus.  Presently, Christians aren’t known for being the most loving people around.

Audio (4 min.) “He doesn’t smoke pot?”


About Scott

God has given me a glimpse into his character of love, and it has changed me. My deep desire for every person is that they see Him as he truly is, forsake destructive habits of thought and living, and become a disciple of Jesus.
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One Response to He doesn’t smoke pot, and he picked us up!?

  1. terrypearson says:

    That story just made me laugh!
    I have never gotten the bravery up to pick someone up and give them a ride. Part of it is that picking up a hitchhiker in Minnesota is illegal and you can be arrested for it. The other thing is that you just occasionally hear stories of such an act of kindness going badly.
    Good for you picking them up though! It sounds like you showed a good witness to them.

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