Pre-order window is now open!

I’ve just finished putting up a new website (pretty basic at this point) for the Media on the Brain series.  It’s (.net, not .com … just remember we’re avoiding being captured in Satan’s “net”).

We’ve opened the pre-ordering window at the newborn website, so feel free to secure a copy of the up-coming DVD set.  The set of DVDs will include the entire seminar plus interviews, special features, stories of families who have overcome media addiction, and even surprise guests and fresh new information all peppered throughout the seminar.

I can hardly express how excited I am to be sharing this information more widely.  When I was first asked to present for a professional recording, I was not certain about the idea, but the more I see people making life-changing decisions, the more excited I get to share this information.  Please pray that those who need to see this would see it and hear the voice of God speaking into their lives.  Consider who you might need to share this with.

Grace and Peace,



About Scott

God has given me a glimpse into his character of love, and it has changed me. My deep desire for every person is that they see Him as he truly is, forsake destructive habits of thought and living, and become a disciple of Jesus.
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2 Responses to Pre-order window is now open!

  1. Cyndi Shook says:

    we want to purchase but do not like to order on line. we saw you at campmeeting. do you have a phone number to order from?

  2. Scott says:

    Good to hear from you, Cyndi! I can’t put card #s in manually yet, but you can mail a check if you’d like. Scott Ritsema 5088 Sunny Creek Ct., Kentwood, Mi 49508. $39.95.

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