As He Is, the series…

As He Is: A series of teachings about our God (arguably the most important subject to explore).

These meetings were held live at Grand Valley State University in Michigan October 18-22 and consecutive Mondays thereafter.

We invite your participation, especially if…

  • you want to deepen your experience with God
  • you desire to truly find your Father for the first time
  • you are curious about Bible prophecy and end time events
  • you have doubts about the validity of Christianity and questions about the Bible
  • you want to understand why pain, suffering and evil exist today and where they came from
  • you sense a longing within for something more, which can’t really be described or satisfied
  • you want to give God a chance to love you and to show up in your life
  • you want to take the next step in learning more truths from the Bible
  • you want to become a more loving and kind person
  • you want to meet and journey with others who are seeking the same thing as you are

Topics covered in the series.  We invite your questions about anything pertaining to the subject of God, but especially:

  • “Who is God?”
  • “Why do I exist?”
  • “Where did evil come from?”
  • “Why is this earth so messed up?”
  • “If God is all good and all powerful, then why is there sin and suffering?”
  • “How can I know for sure that God is love?”
  • “How do I know if I’m really forgiven?”
  • “Doesn’t God want to do more than just forgive me?”
  • “Why should I trust the Bible to begin with?”
  • “How could a loving God do the things described in the Old Testament?”
  • “How can I better experience an intimate relationship with God?”
  • “Haven’t Christians often been the least loving people on the planet?”
  • “Where did we get all of our distorted pictures of God?”
  • “How could a loving God torture people in Hell for eternity?”
  • “What is this I hear about the ‘wrath of God’?”
  • “Does my trustworthy God have any advice on how to live a happier, healthier life?”
  • “Is there a form of Christianity out there that is teaching the truth about God?”
  • “Has God given us insight into what is coming upon the earth in the last days?”
  • “How will God make sure that evil doesn’t rise again after He makes everything new?”

Our central prayer and hope is that people will see God as He is through this series, and begin or deepen their relationship with Him.


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