Fog lifting…

What is the meaning behind the picture used on this site?

The lifting fog represents the increasing claritiy with which we are able to see.  Just as the lifting fog unveils a beautiful lake with trees and ducks, when the fog is lifted from our eyes as we look heavenward, the picture of God that is unveiled is not only beautiful, but it leaves us inspired and changed.

Also, in the image used, the light is appearing from the left hand side of the picture to the right.  Light in the Bible represents truth–the most important truth of all being the truth about God and what he is like.  The truth about God is moving progressively forward right before our eyes, as the warmth of his love melts away the ice and frost of uncaring selfishness in our hearts (see the more frosty tree branches on the right side of the picture where the light hasn’t reached).

Wow, all of that from a picture I stumbled upon on on Google images! 

See Him As He Is  is devoted to helping people see this beautiful picture of God and to experience what they were created for: to love and be loved by their heavenly Father.